Thursday, January 3, 2013


Finally, after months of planning, me and my friend decided to start our own handmade initiative. We call it fili&lino. We are not only selling some stuffs, we also accept orders, make tutorials, share our crafting journey to fellow crafters, and hopefully in the near future, we can have small gatherings with fellow crafters and have small crafting class.

We're on facebook, etsy, twitter, and of course, blogger.



Friday, July 6, 2012


I might not post something in awhile in this blog due to my study. I have my deadline in the next 20 days. But I will post again. Soon :)

Monday, July 2, 2012

Recycling T-shirt

So I have two t-shirts that I don't like any more because it's already stretched here and there (what do you expect from a $5 t-shirt?). Since I'm about to go back home for good, I want to be as efficient as possible with my luggage. I decided to made a reversible tote back from the shirts, and made head band and a fabric necklace from the remaining fabric.

This is the picture of one of the shirt before:

And here are the "transformation" of the t-shirt:

All of them (tote bag, necklace, head band)

Head band and necklace


Tote Bag side A

Tote Bag Side B

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Ex-jeans Bag

When I went back home 3 months ago, I was devastated to see my wardrobe. Before I came here, my clothing consists of t-shirt - jeans - shirts. Moreover, the only pair of jeans that I have was already torn here and there. So I decided to upcycle some of them. I used my old torn jeans to be a bag and use one of my unused shirt for the lining inside. I used some leftover fabric for the flap cover to make the bag looks nicer. If you pay attention to the photo, you can find lots of torn parts, so I had to patch them.

How much money do I spend for this? Well, probably only for the velcro and the fabric for the flap. Bet the rest? Zero!

Aaannndd, here it is, my denim bag <3

ps: from the size of the bag, you can guess that I do have a big bum...

The front

Overall View

The bag opened

 back view

My old jeans

Bag open

Bag inside (lining)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Happy Coin Purse

Another post! I think I'm catching up quite fast, don't you think?

This time I would like to show you the coin purse that I made for my housemate. This is my second time sewing with a purse frame. Since I'm just too afraid to knock the frame with hammer to close the gap between the frame and the fabric, I glue and hand sew it. And since I'm just too lazy to sew it neatly and hide the sew under the inside part of frame, I just let it exposed like that. And it's quite bulky because when I took the photo, I didn't take out all the coins inside XD
And here it is: the coin purse :)

- Fabric for outside and inside (you can even use scrap fabrics for this. It's quite small)
- medium interfacing
- feltcloth (to give the purse more form)
- purse frame

Final size: around 9x10 cm

I bought all the materials at Lincraft.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Pinkish Traveller

*still in the mood of playing with the new editing feature on Photobucket*

Even though my master dissertation is still far away from finished, the feeling of "Yay I finally coming back home" is already very strong. Thus, a new passport case was made.

I'm not really sure whether both premises are related, but the point is, I made a passport case! A new pink passport case from fabrics that I found at op-shops and Lincraft. I like this flower fabric because of the brand marking in near the selvage, which shows that this fabric is a vintage fabric (when I googled, the company doesn't produce screen print fabric any more. It's a Japanese company named unitika). Unfortunately, I did some mistake with the sewing: I positioned the inside pocket little bit slanted to one side T__T But it already happened. At least I made this for myself, so I just going to pretend everything's alright :)

So here it is, the heavily edited photos of my new passport case.

ps: as I mentioned before, I'm playing with the new feature on Photobucket, that's why you'll see different editing on the pictures

1. Vintage flower fabric (you can see from the writing in the cover, it's directly from the fabric itself).
2. Solid colour fabric
3. Coordinated colour fabrics (green pattern and pink dots, both bought at Lincraft)
4. Velcro
5. Heavy weight interfacing
6. Feltcloth (to make the case fluffier)
7. Zipper (a pink one!)

Flower power!

So 2 weekends ago, me and my friend had a shopping spree and we fell in love with the flower headbands. I bought two, then I though, I definitely can make it by myself. Thank you to google and youtube guru, I finally made my first ever flower headbands <3

So here they are.

Model: One of my lovely student here, Myla

1. Elastics (I found out the cheap black elastic is little bit too strong for my head)
2. Scrap fabrics
3. Buttons, lots of it
4. Internet connection (you know, to search how to make these flowers)

And yes, I'm playing with the new Photobucket's edit function. Why everything has to be very instagramish nowadays?